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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Jerry and Freddie, mid-March 1972

Above are the music listings from Night Times, March 8-21, 1972.

Check 'em out if you're interested, of course, but let me be Garciacentric and offer the following tidbit, about the deepening relationship between Jerry Garcia (et al.) and Freddie Herrera: Jerry and Merl --Night Times misspelled his name without fail through this point, always adding the erroneous 'e' to his first name-- as I say, Jerry and Merl played for Freddie 8 times in 11 nights between Wednesday the 8th and Sunday the 18th. Here's a table view:

Table xxx. Jerry and Freddie, 8 gigs in 11 nights, March 8-18, 1972
Both weeks, it's Wednesday-Thursday at Keystone Berkeley --formerly the New Monk and renamed, as far as this evidence goes, as from the March 8th JGMS show!-- and Friday-Saturday at Keystone Korner in the City. The Keystone Berkeley would continue operating as such for a dozen years, based in large measure on the informal partnership --I believe that nothing was written down-- between Jerry Garcia and Freddie Herrera. It worked really well for a really long time.

Note that Armando Peraza is billed consistently with JGMS during this period.

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