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Friday, August 08, 2014

Context: April 1976 BAM listings

So here's a first example of my sources and methods for context. It's a scan of the music listings from the first issue of BAM ("Bay Area Music") magazine, April 1976.

Here are the things that went into the spreadsheet:
  • the listings for Ruby, which was Tom Fogerty's band of the period;
  • the listings for the Meters, who, I think, shared a bill or two with JGMS in November 1974, which Kreutzmann loved, and at least one song of which JGMS covered ("Just Kissed My Baby");
  • the Roadhog listings (for Corry);
  • the Mingus gigs (because one of my favorite Mingus recordings is from KK the next month);
  • the Eddie Harris gigs, because I thought this might be Merl's cousin?;
  • the Bloomfield gigs, for no apparent reason;
  • Gravenites, see Bloomfield;
  • Mandel, because he once shared a stage with Jerry (Matrix late 1968);
  • the Rowan Brothers, for heavy Garciacentric relevance;
  • the David LaFlamme band, shared stage with Garcia (with NRPS in February 1971, I think 2/28/71).
 More madness than method, of course, but there you go.


  1. Some brief remarks on this fascinating listing from BAM:
    >>I think this may be the very first issue of BAM. If not that, it is close to it.
    >>Eddie Harris is a fine saxophone player ("trying to make it real, compared to what?"), but Merl Saunders cousin was the drummer Eddie Moore
    >>April 30-May 1, Quicksilver and The Runaways at Keystone Berkeley. How far the mighty Quick had fallen. Meanwhile, like many Keystone weekend opening acts, The Runaways played for free at noon on Friday (Apr 30) in Sproul Plaza at Berkeley. Curious undergraduates on their way to class (such as myself) were mesmerized by their rockin' jailbait sounds, but that's a story for another blog.


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