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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Context: September 1976 BAM Listings

Up to three pages, lots of ads. Well done, hip young capitalists!

p. 25 finds the usual stuff. I am a little confused about address of the Green Earth, here listed as 1810 Market, with another place, the Omnibus, at 1821 Haight. I assume this is a typesetting problem, need to double-check. Some Country Joe and Barry Melton action.

 p. 27 not much to light me up, a Quicksilver gig at Sophie's.
 p. 28, Crabshaw's Outlaws at West Dakota (1505 San Pablo, formerly New Orleans House), and an interesting looking gig at the Lonbranch on 9/23, featuring (for me) Merl and the Little Onion (John Cipollina), who would later play together in the Dinosaurs, I believe.

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