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Friday, November 26, 2010

Listening Notes: GASB, Thursday, June 13, 1974, Keystone, Berkeley (Castelli MAC)

Having just posted on the sbd recording from this show, I'll post my notes from the newly circulating audience recording by Robert Castelli (1644-shnid 110663, 2496-shnid 110798). I'll start with a few analytical points, then produce my listening notes based on the 24/96 version.

  1. Not a ton to say about this, except that this is the same show as the sbd and the same show (and baseline tape) as the "Louis Falanga 6/12/74" tape (shnid 83232).
  2. Garcia is pretty hit or miss with his banjo playing. Some clams (cf. end of Bud's Bounce), some pretty nice solos (Dawg's Bull).
  3. Russian Lullaby, with Garcia on acoustic guitar, is pretty darn excellent. Note the banter by DG about how they helped Garcia out on this song for his latest LP (Compliments). Was the album released by this date? It was awfully close. As I have noted, I have the release date as Friday, 6/21/74.

Listening notes follow.

MOTB Release: 0159 24/96
Release Date: 2010-10-18
Band: Great American String Band
Date: 1974-06-13 (Thursday)
Venue: Keystone
Location: Berkeley, CA
Analog Audience Source: Master Cassettes (MAC)
Medium Stock Brands: Scotch C120
Analog Lineage: ECM 270 >> Sony TC110 >> MAC
Analog Sound Preservation: MAC >> Nakamichi CR7a => Korg MR-1000 >> DSF [1-bit 5.6448 MHz Stereo] >> Korg MR-1000 => Korg AudioGate >> WAV [24/96]
Taped By: Robert Castelli
Transfer By: Bob Menke
Mastering By: Derek McCabe & David Minches
Speed correction by Joe B. Jones

--Set I (8 tracks, 41:29)--
s1t01: [0:11] Colored Aristocracy [3:30] [0:08]
s1t02: (1) [0:12] Cedar Hill [3:53] % talk and band introductions (2) [1:30]
s1t03: (3, 4) [1:43] I'll Be A Gambler If You Deal The Cards [2:37] % [0:51]
s1t04: My Plastic Banana Is Not Stupid//% [3:#22]
s1t05: (5, 6, 7) [1:16] Moonlight Waltz [4:33] [1:12]
s1t06: Swing '42 [5:58] (8) [0:50]
s1t07: Methodist Preacher [6:08] [0:08] % [0:19]
s1t08: Limehouse Blues [3:06] (9) [0:06]

--Set II (10 tracks, 56:17)--
s2t01: tuning [0:01]
s2t02: noodling [0:49] Bud's Bounce [4:22] [0:53] %  [0:03]
s2t03: Dawg's Bull [2:23] [0:10] %
s2t04: banter (10) [1:01]
s2t05: Russian Lullaby [8:27] [0:09] % [0:33]
s2t06: Virgin's Lament  [7:14] [0:11] % [0:29]
s2t07: Swing '42  [10:23] [0:11] % (11)
s2t08: Drink Up and Go Home [3:11] [0:02] %
s2t09: [0:12] Dawg's Rag [8:36] %
s2t10: Sweet Georgia Brown%  [#4:59]

! Band: Great American String/Music Band
! Lineup: David Grisman - mandolin;
! Lineup: Richard Greene - fiddle;
! Lineup: David Nichtern - guitar, vocals;
! Lineup: Jerry Garcia - banjo, vocals ;
! Lineup: Buell Neidlinger ("Flame Bombadine") - bass.
! Guest: Bob Gurland - coronet (s2t02 Bud's Bounce, s2t06 Virgin's Lament, s2t07 Swing '42, s2t10 Sweet Georgia Brown).

! % = tape discontinuity; # = truncated timing
! s1t02 (1) DN: "Here's one written by David Grisman, our mandolin player, it's called Cedar Hill." RG: "'Say-der' Hill." DN: "'Say-der Hill', I've just been corrected."
! s1t02 RG talking to sound booth: "//mandolin and monitors. Would that be alright? This is David Grisman on the mandolin."
! s1t03 DN: "That last song was written by him. It's called 'Cedar Hill' and it's going to be the title song for a new movie, I'm told?" RG: "Yes, who told you that?"
! s1t03 (3) DN: "It's nice to see you all in such a good mood."
! s1t03 (4) @ 1:36, DG references "page 37", so they are using songbooks.
! s1t04 MPBIS cuts out, just before the end.
!s1t05 (5) DN: "It's called Moonlight Waltz. It's in the key of D-minor.
!s1t05 (6) RG: "That guitar is probably older than anyone in this building." DN The guard at the door told me he was sixty-two. He asked us how old we were when we were coming in. So we asked him how old he was." DG: "That guitar's just a young'un compared to that bass, though."
! s1t05 I infer that Buell Neidlinger is the bassist based on talk about the bass, ca. 1:00
! s1t06 (8) DN: "Django Reinhardt thanks you."
! s1t08 (9) RG: "Thank you. We'll be back in a little while." This is clearly a *set break* announcement, not the end of an early show.
! s2t02 the noodling before Bud's Bounce is kinda neat, evokes for me the feeling of some old black & white 'B' horror film.
! s2t02 JG misses the ending of Bud's Bounce
! s2t03 Dawg's Bull, JG takes a pretty good solo
! s2t04 (10) DG: "[inaudible] He's got this on his latest LP. We helped him out on it."
! s2t04 Russian Lullaby Garcia on acoustic guitar? Sounds great! Really playing nicely.
! s2t07 (11) DN: "I think we're gonna do a song with a moral next." RG: "What are we doing next?" DN: "Yeah, this is a song with a moral. I hope you don't take it too seriously, considering this is a bar and we're not finished yet. It's called 'Drink Up And Go Home.' So, have a slow drink up." JG: "What's the moral?" DN: "The moral is Drink up and go home." DG: "The moral is you lose your audience, if they drink up and go home." That until about track 11:18, then stage setup changes for the rest of the track.
! s2t08 JG lead vox on DUAGH
! s2t10 SGB cuts out

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