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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

JGMS: November 2, 1974, Keystone, Berkeley, CA

Almost-certainly-almost-never heard Garcia/Saunders show: November 2, 1974. I don't usually link to recordings this way, but I am salivating at the chance to hear this bad boy.

Thank you Robert Castelli, Bob Menke, Derek McCabe, and the MOTB crew for serving this puppy to your hungry, waiting fans!

I will post on the show after I get to listen to it, probably by editing here. TJS will be updated at some point, too. I do know that any show with Donny Hathaway's bossa "Valdez in the Country" and Eddie Harris's voodoo fusion "Freedom Jazz Dance" is going to be a keeper. On that, see October 6, 1974, at the Great American Music Hall (GAMH) [JGMF | ?I thought the LLD suite of blogs had done a venue post on GAMH?], San Francisco, CA [TJS | db.etree | LL | bt.etree].

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  1. I wrote a little about GAMH, but it doesn't have a tag (use tag "1974"--look for the Boarding House post).


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