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Friday, November 26, 2010

Listening Notes: GASB, Thursday, June 13, 1974, Keystone, Berkeley (sbd)

Low-gen soundboard tape of Thursday, 6/13/74, Keystone, Berkeley (shnid 13768). Note the listing as Great American String Band, though the naming issue is one I am avoiding for now. I'll just go with GASB for this post.

Berkeley Barb, June 7-13, 1974, p. 24.
 A few analytical points:
  1. The setlist issues have been clarified by the Castelli tape, notes on which I'll post before too long. But Limehouse Blues definitely ends set I, and there is indeed a song ("Sweet Georgia Brown") after "Dawg's Rag" cuts out on this tape. The Castelli tape could be used to patch in the start of Colorado Aristocracy, the splice in Swing '42, the end of Dawg's Rag, and all of Sweet Georgia Brown.
  2. As the night before, Garcia plays acoustic guitar on Russian Lullaby. Not sure if, or at which point, he might switch back to banjo.
  3. Bob Gurland on the "mouth trumpet" is interesting.
  4. I may have noted more of the banter on the Castelli recording.
  5. As I noted in my update post on this run of shows, the "Louis Falanga 6/12/74" tape is actually this show, and the same baseline tape as the Castelli aud.

Great American String Band
Berkeley, CA
June 13, 1974 (Thursday)

MS? > ? > CD > EAC > SHN
Source CDs from Ryan Shriver; extraction (EAC), .shn encoding (mkwACT), and sector boundary verification (shntool), 12/13/2002.

--Set I (9 tracks, 41:14)--

01. //Colored Aristocracy [#3:12] (1) [0:22]
02. Cedar Hill [3:42] [0:17]
03. Band Introductions (2) [3:02]
04. I'll Be A Gambler If You Deal The Cards [2:30] [1:10]
05. My Plastic Banana Is Not Stupid [3:14] [1:29]
06. Moonlight Waltz [4:22] [1:09]
07. Swing //'42 [5:#50] [2:22]
08. Methodist Preacher [4:17] [0:44]
09. Limehouse Blues [2:58] [0:30]

--Set II (7 tracks, 46:09)--

01. //Bud's Bounce (@) [#1:48] [1:44]
02. Dawg's Bull [2:19] [1:41]
03. Russian Lullaby [8:11] [1:50]
04. Virgin's Lament (@) [6:52] [0:55]
05. Swing '42 (@) [10:20] [2:03]
06. Drink Up And Go Home [3:04] [0:27]
07. Dawg's Rag// [4:32#] [0:18]
[MISSING: Sweet Georgia Brown (@)]

! Band: Great American String/Music Band
! Lineup: David Grisman - mandolin;
! Lineup: Richard Greene - fiddle;
! Lineup: David Nichtern - ac-guitar, vocals;
! Lineup: Jerry Garcia - banjo, ac-guitar, vocals;
! Lineup: Buell Neidlinger (a.k.a. "Flame Bombadine") - ac-bass;
! Guest: Bob Gurland - coronet (s2t01 Bud's Bounce, s2t04 Virgin's Lament, s2t05 Swing '42)

! // = cut song; # = truncated timing
! Don't be frightened by the uncertain lineage--this sounds very nice.  I would not be surprised if this turned out to be MSR > cassette > DAT > CD, like the night previous and as this one sometimes circulates.
! The Castelli tape could be used to patch the start of Colored Aristocracy, the splice in the set I Swing '42, the start of Bud's Bounce, the end of Dawg's Rag, and all of Sweet Georgia Brown.
! mono recording
! d1t01 Colored Aristocracy fades in
! d1t01 (1) DN: "Here's one written by David Grisman, our mandolin player. It's called 'Cedar Hill'." RG: "Say-der Hill." DN: "Say-der Hill, I've just been corrected."
! d1t03 (2) Can we hear some more mandolin on the monitors? Would that be all right?" Movie talk, band introductions same as from Castelli aud. NB introduction of Flame Bombadine, after previous night when he insists on being called Flame.
! d1t07 Swing '42 tiny splice @ 5:41
! d1t09 The Jerry Site has listed Limehouse Blues as starting set II, but I hear continuous applause and tuning from the end of Methodist Preacher into Limehouse Blues, and continuous applause and tuning from Limehouse Blues into the set break announcement.  Also, I would not be surprised if more tunes were played after Dawg's Rag, since it sounds like the band is tuning up for another song. [2010 note: the Castelli tape confirms this: Sweet Georgia Brown closes the show.]
! d2t01 Bud's Bounce fades in
! d2t01 Bud's Bounce tiny splice @ 1:16
! d2t02 @ 3:01 (3) after Dawg's Bull, DN after being told by JG that they'll do Russian Lullaby: "Oh boy, are you in for a treat." DG: "This is an Irving Berlin number. We're gonna get ... we're gonna get Spudboy to render this one for us. ... He's got this on his latest LP. We helped him out on it."
! d2t03 JG on guitar on Russian Lullaby
! d2t03 (4) RG: "Flame likes to call this tune 'Virgin's Lament'."
! d2t07 Dawg's Rag fades out

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