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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

GD/NRPS: November 23, 1970, Anderson Theatre (Hells Angels Benefit)

Crossland, Chip. 1970. Hells Angels Presents The Grateful Dead. East Village Other v1, n1, pp. 10-11. Publication info from my copy uncertain.

I believe I got this from Joey Newlander. There was no publication information, but the reference, which comes from Deadlists, is probably correct.

Pretty hilarious write-up. My only real purpose is to make setlist notes, since Deadlists doesn't list much. A pantomime artist opened --Crossland is appropriately blown away by the surreal juxtaposition of a mime at a Hells Angels party--, followed by the New Riders, then the GD.

unknown number of unidentified tunes
Mama Tried (w/ Bob Weir)
Cathy's Clown (w/ Bob Weir)
The Weight

Grateful Dead
three songs unknown to Crossland ("probably new")
Me and Bobby McGee
In the Midnight Hour
Not Fade Away
Casey Jones
unidentified ballad, Garcia vocal
Uncle John's Band

Deadlists evinces some uncertainty about the context in which Cathy's Clown was played ("Bobby sang Cathy's Clown at one point, perhaps with NRPS"), but it's perfectly clear from the Crossland review that this was the New Riders. The Weight is clearly identified as the last New Riders tune, though it's not clear if Bobby was involved.

Deadlists surmises that Bobby McGee "must have been the NRPS version", but this is belied by the context of the review. It's GD (by my reckoning using current Deadlists data, this would be only the second time the GD played it, though of course there could be undiscovered versions). Crossland misidentifies Pigpen as Phil Lesh in discussing Midnight Hour ... hard to imagine Philip wanting somepin' to drink and promising to cream on his lady!

The order of the rest of the songs is uncertain, though it does seem like UJB closed the show.


  1. I was there it was $2.00 for general admission ticket. Great concert from what I can remember.


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