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Monday, December 28, 2009

GD: May 9, 1970, Ocala, FL (CANCELED)

Grateful Dead
Southeastern Livestock Pavilion
Ocala, FL
May 9, 1970

Hard to know if this was ever finalized or not, but things sound certain enough as I read them.

Apparently two fellows known as Ed Sanford and Lee Smith, both of Ocala, had countercultural leanings (my supposition) and planned a "New Renaissance Faire" for the armpit ... errr ... fair city of Ocala, FL on  May 9, 1970.

The Grateful Dead were to be the featured act, to perform along with Florida bands such as the Ecumenical Drug Stores (Ocala), The Brick Wall (Ocala), The Riff (Gainesville), Brother and Lmpnt (??) (Tampa), "and a yet unnamed group associated with the underground newspaper Amazing Grace of Tallahassee" (1).

Not sure whether the Faire happened, but the GD performed that date at Worcester Policytechnic Institute in Worcester, MA.

(1) "Rock Concert Scheduled for Ocala," Ocala Star-Banner, March 3, 1970, p. 2B. Accessed via Google News.

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