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Monday, December 28, 2009

GD: October 17, 1970, Cleveland Music Hall, Cleveland, OH

I can't seem to post to Deadlists anymore and no-one over there answers my emails asking to be added to the list or whatever. Anyway, here's a bit of setlist info about the GD 10/17/70 show in Cleveland.

Casey Jones (early in the show, maybe an opener? reviewer missed it by arriving late)
Good Lovin' (reviewer mentions an old Rascals tune being sung by Pigpen ... gotta be GL, right?)
Encore: Uncle John's Band

Gary Thornbloom, "If You Would Just Take The Time To," Nittany Cub (Penn State University), October 22, 1970, unknown page. Accessed via Google News.

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  1. So what is up with deadlists?
    There have been hardly any updates in the last few years, and there's so much to be changed/added....not to mention all the shows with no timings.
    There's a bit of discussion going in the Discussion threads, but little of it seems to make its way onto the actual site....
    The philosophy seems to be "90% done is done enough." I wonder, if the current caretakers don't have the time/interest to keep on top of updates, why they don't hand it over to others who do... You know things are dire when Charlie Miller himself said, "There are numerous setlists that need to be updated. I have sent in corrections but the caretakers haven't done anything about them. Maybe we need some new caretakers??"


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