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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Concert Vault

My goodness, I don't really follow what all comes online --or maybe it's new, so effectively I do-- but there is some 1980 and 1982 JGB (and snippets of 4/10/82 Garcia solo acoustic) online at I need to investigate some of this more.

Here's "Let It Rock" from 6/24/82:

And "Deal" from 7/26/80, Greg Errico on the drums:


  1. wow, thanks for the heads up. Great stuff, and it's cool to finally catch a glimpse of the mysterious Jimmy Warren in the Dear Prudence from 6/24/82.

    1. yeah there's some pretty clear footage of Jimmy Warren in the Dead Prudence clip, starting around 4:24 or so. He looks a little, uh, rough so to speak...but no worse for wear than Garcia around this time.

    2. Yeah, I was watching 7/26/80 Deal, and Garcia is remarkably lifelike for a guy who can barely keep his eyelids up.


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