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Sunday, May 29, 2016

The real dates of the "September 1, 1974" material

Jerry Garcia and Merl Saunders Band, Pure Jerry 4: Keystone, Berkeley, September 1, 1974 (Jerry Made JGCD0004, 2004).

We always knew that this was a hodgepodge of dates (there are several set/end-of-show announcements, in weird spots if we have a continuous show from 9/1/74). But what little evidence we have suggests that things are more hodge and podge than I suspected.

Disc 1;
  • Neighbor, Neighbor (Valier)
  • Keepers (Saunders / Kahn)
  • Sitting In Limbo (Bright / Chambers)
  • Favela (Jobim)
  • Tough Mama (Dylan)
  • La-La (Fierro)[actually La-La -> People Make The World Go Round] [8/24/74, h/t nick]
Disc 2;
  • Someday Baby (Hopkins)
  • Think (McCracklin / Robey)
  • Roadrunner (Dozier / Holland / Dozier)
  • The Harder They Come (Cliff)
  • I Second That Emotion (Robinson / Cleveland)
  • Going, Going, Gone (Dylan)
Disc 3;
  • Soul Roach (Saunders / Shanklin)
  • Mystery Train (Parker / Philips)
  • Wondering Why (Carrier / Saunders)
  • People Make the World Go Round (Bell / Epstein)
  • Keystone Jam (Garcia & Saunders Band)
  • It's Too Late (Willis) [8/11/74]
  • The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down (Robertson) [8/11/74]


  1. The La-La>People Make the World Go Round at the end of the 1st disc (just listed on the cd as La-La) is from 8/24/74.

  2. I believe "It's Too Late" is from 8/11/74.

  3. nitpick: Finders Keeper is misattributed on this released to Saunders/Kahn. It's a cover of a Chairmen of the Board song, written by Johnson/Bowen.

  4. This subject absolutely fascinates me; if it's such a hodgepodge, then why release it as 9/1/74 at all? Why not just tell us what it is (or admit that they don't know)? Any idea how this all came to be? What sorts of reels were they working with? I just don't understand the need to be so mysterious unless the tapes themselves were mysterious to begin with.

  5. I don't have any idea.

    A time or two on the blog I have urged The Powers That Be to take the jazz approach and pin every scrap of tape in terms of time, space, social context, equipment, etc. etc. I picked the nit that the 3/22/78 release had a picture from 11/26/77 (or 11/23, anyway), without mention. Why do that?


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