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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Green Green Grass Of Home

This show (GD 5/31/69) is a maxed-out masterpiece. Mamma mia. Play it loud!
Random tape archaeology: this is shnid-76, very early in the shn game.

! Corry: "when the Dead headlined McArthur Court on May 31, 1969, it was one of the biggest rooms that they had headlined up until that time. The show appears to have been scheduled for the track stadium (Hayward Field) and moved indoors, but in any case it was a sign of the Dead's status in Oregon."

! ad: Oregon Daily Emerald, May 28, 1969, p. unk, via URL;

! Corry: Arnold, Corry. 2011. Grateful Dead Pac-10 Home Court Analysis. Lost Live Dead, February 15, URL, accessed 5/31/2016.

! song: Green Green Grass Of Home
Lyrics: Curly Putman
Music: Curly Putman  5/31/69 version struck me as a real Garcia masterpiece. He achieved that sound he was searching for quite nicely, thankyouverymuch (as Babbs might say). Weir sings it well - he had a great memory for these country tunes, and he "Bobby Ace" was stepping forward for the first time right in this period. He sounds great. Garcia's steel is getting "that sound" that you want from the steel, Ralph Mooney and Tom Brumley's sounds, for starters.

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