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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Reconstruction in Tempe, AZ, July 29, 1979 (CANCELED)

**update: the show was canceled, per JGBP's correspondence with show promoter, in comments**

I gather up a lot of stuff, and "processing" it takes time. I appear to have gathered the above about 2/20/2015. It bears the watermark of noted photog Jay Blakesberg, and it's a ca. July 1979 schedule of Dead-related events put out by the GD offices.

Of course, I care about the "Reconstruction Band". July 14-15 in Colorado were canceled, Garcia putatively ill (but not so ill that the GD couldn't spend some time in the studio, per a few cuts on the Beyond Description release - harumph). July 20 and 22 shows happened, the July 28 show in San Diego is uncertain (no tape, no other hard evidence), and this is the first I have seen of a listing for the band at Dooley's in Tempe, AZ.

I have no idea if the show happened. If it did, it'd be notable as the band's only out-of-state gig outside the April shows at Barry Fey's Rainbow Music Hall in Denver. **update: as noted above, and elaborated in comments, the show was sold out but canceled for reasons not recalled.


  1. There's a display ad in the Los Angeles Times, July 27, 1979, p. D6. I don't have it but asked a librarian at the LA Library to take a look. Waiting a response from Lou Adler Jr. also. Ho owns the Roxy in L.A.

  2. In an email, Danny Zelisko says, "Sorry this date never played. It was sold out and then was canceled, don’t remember why."
    So maybe it was at the Roxy, L.A. instead.

  3. Great sleuthing, as always. Thanks for sharing that info!


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