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Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Garcia radio program this weekend

I am just passing along the info, sounds cool.

A two-hour public radio special on Jerry Garcia & music and fans of Grateful Dead is airing this July 4th weekend.

The name of the radio program is American Routes, which airs over 300 public radio stations nationwide, and this special episode features the host Nick Spitzer's interview with Jerry Garcia, from 1989, at Smithsonian Institution. You'll also hear brief conversations with fans and security guards at a Grateful Dead concert in Washington, DC, as well as the music by Grateful Dead, and those who influenced their music.

American Routes is based in New Orleans, LA and we've been on the air for 17 years.
To find a station near you, visit
You can also hear our Jerry Garcia episode as an on-demand streaming at this link,

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  1. I heard this by happy accident while driving in Lassen National Park. What a great treat.


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