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Saturday, June 07, 2014

The Jerry Site


Tip o' the hat to the amazing Ryan Shriver, for everything. 


  1. Oh, PLEASE tell me that you're going to take over The Jerry Site. I just can't trust any other site for day-by-day setlists.

  2. A grievous development! The official Garcia site lacks a lot of the info that was on the Jerry Site...

  3. I would argue that the official site lacks MOST of the info that was on the Jerry Site. It's not even close to "being there" yet. We NEED a fan-based site if we want to see it updated and correct (not to mention tape information, which probably wouldn't be included on the official site). A most grievous development indeed, but a tip of the cap to Ryan for creating a site that was so indispensable, I didn't know it until it was gone.....


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