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Saturday, June 21, 2014

DeeDee Dickerson Discography

I recently posted a little bit of information from the John Scher Presents program for JGB 5/31/83. It included a little bio on the various band members.

In comments, nick picked up on Dee Dee Dickerson's work with Pharoah Sanders, and posted link to Donna Dickerson at discogs.I had not known her name was Donna. Anyway, following Nick's lead, I combed through discogs and allmusic and tried to put together a little discography.

Because Google Docs's embedding technology sucks, here's a direct link. The technology sucks in other ways, as for example by dropping the right most "notes" column I have made in my Excel spreadsheet, but I deal with that now.


  1. Went to direct link..very Garcia recordings?

  2. You would think that an embedded Google Doc would be zoomable, but I guess not. Sheesh. Anyway, link is there, and it's commentable, I believe. JGBP, can you leave a test comment?

  3. To be clear, I can see zoom in, zoom out, and wholescreen icons in the top right. It zooms down. Zoom up works a few times, then just blanks out. The whole screen view doesn't seem to work at all.

    Is this what you are seeing?

    Blogger really sucks. Let me go backup my files again.

  4. Now I don't even see that stuff.

    It looks like the embedding just doesn't work. The reason it appealed to me was that it would keep links live, which my little images don't do.

    But since these hot links aren't particularly visible, their hotness doesn't help.

    So I think the best approach to Excel generated tables is images (zoomable on click, which blogger does reasonably well) and then a link to the table.

    Even with that, I have a notes row in Excel that's getting cannibalized in the switch to Google Docs. Totally unacceptable. WTF?

  5. Well, regardless of the WTFness of google docs, we appreciate the effort. Here's a pic of DeeDee & co. from the inside cover of Pharaoh Sanders' Journey to the One LP from 1980:
    Sorry for the iphone quality, but the picture is small and not exactly hi-res to begin with.


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