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Thursday, May 16, 2013

NRPS: November 26, 1969, Poppycock, Palo Alto

A few years ago Corry uncovered a whole trove of previously unknown NRPS shows in 1969. Among others, these included gigs in their old Palo Alto stomping grounds, playing the Poppycock (135 University Avenue, Palo Alto, CA, 94301) on consecutive Thursdays in November (November 13, 1969 and November 20, 1969). I am still hiatus, so I don't have time to contemplate these guys playing Palo Alto in 1969 at the Poppycock --about which, of course, Corry is also authoritative-- for very long. But it sure does have a lot of intuitive appeal.

So, this new to The List is for him: a Wednesday night NRPS gig at the Poppycock. The night before Thanksgiving. November 26, 1969.

entertainment listings, Good Times vol. 2 no. 45 (November 20, 1969), p. unknown.

Recall that the NRPS reprised the night-before-Thanksgiving gig the next year, 11/25/70 at the Keystone Korner. That, of course, would be an auspicious occasion: the first booking with Freddie Herrera, who would be the second cornerstone of Garcia's non-GD professional musical life (after John Kahn, the rock of the church) until Garcia left for Bill Graham and a bigger room in 1987. But gigging with friends around Thanksgiving does seem to have been a nice little tradition. Sure wish I could have been around to hear them on this night, on well-trod ground, in 1969!


  1. It's even harder for me. I am trying to set the Wayback Machine for 1969, but I can't do it. Still, I can state for a pretty-much-fact: I was 12 blocks away.

  2. So sadly ironic, too, to see the hope/wish/prayer that the December 6th appearance of the Stones "will keep us high until Christmas." Ah, hindsight.

  3. Yep. Reading through 1969 San Francisco Express Times and Good Times is a trip, as are 1968 Chrons, 1973 Datebooks, and so many other things!

  4. And needless to say I should still be on hiatus. Maybe I'll try to do a little blogging during the summer.

  5. Well, thank you all. We shall see. Que sera sera and all that.

  6. I tried to go to this show. They had a long list of acts scheduled that night. My dad called the Poppycock to find out when the NRPS might be playing and they said they had no idea when or if they would play. We didn't go, thus removing my only possibility of seeing Jerry do something in downtown PA. Never got to hear music at the Poppycock either, although I do remember going there in the daytime for fish and chips (then an exotic foreign food...).


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