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Sunday, May 12, 2013

New to The List

I'll be posting some new-to-The-List dates ad seriatim.

JGMS: Wednesday, December 9, 1970, Matrix
San Francisco Chronicle, December 9, 1970, p. 62.
 JGMS: Wednesday, January 6, 1971, Matrix
Wasserman, John L. 1971. A Talent Bigger Than Her Name. San Francisco Chronicle, January 6, 1971, p. 38.
NRPS: Monday, January 11, 1971, Lion's Share
JGMS: Tuesday, January 12, 1971, Matrix
JGMS: Wednesday, January 13, 1971, Matrix
Wasserman, John L. 1971. John Lennon's Windy Candor. San Francisco Chronicle, January 11, 1971, p. 38.
"Opening Today," San Francisco Chronicle, January 12, 1971, p. 35.

Wasserman, John L. 1971. Big Names on the Peninsula. San Francisco Chronicle, January 13, 1971, p. 44.
JGMS: Monday, February 8, 1971, Matrix. Note that the Chicken's Matrix List shows a second night on Tuesday, February 9, but that is contradicted by the Chronicle listing, which tips John Lee Hooker.
Wasserman, John L. 1971. The Man Who Picks The Hits. San Francisco Chronicle, February 8, 1971, p. 42.
 JGMS: Thursday, March 25, 1971, Keystone Korner.
Wasserman, John L. 1971. On the Town: Some Travesties in the Music Biz [Something Else]. San Francisco Chronicle, March 24, 1971, p. 42.


  1. Let me add that this is 7 new-to-The-List gigs in three months of newspapers. Now, it's true that I suspected that there were lots of heretofore-undocumented gigs during this period, so it's not a random sample. But, frankly, I expect that there are dozens more shows to discover during the 1971-1973 period. Alas, this is very time-intensive, since I am also documenting what's happening at lots of other places, with lots of other people, etc. So these three months of Chrons took probably a good 24 man-hours to collect, collate, record. To say nothing of doing any analysis, of course.

    Anyway, happy reading!

  2. The NRPS date on Jan 11 is quite a unique find.

    I suspect that one of these "lost" Garcia-Saunders gigs must be the one that had George Marsh (drums) and Mel Graves (bass). Those two were in the Jerry Hahn Brotherhood, and were pals of Merl's. Presumably Kahn and Vitt were booked elsewhere.

    Some years later (ironically Jan 8-11, 1973, TDIH, sort of), Hahn was set to record at Fantasy as a trio with Marsh and Graves. However, they saw Merl Saunders in the Fantasy cafeteria, and invited him to play on the album (released as Moses, not available on cd, much to my dismay).

  3. Plus, I should add, this was immediately added to the Lost Live Dead "Show Navigation By Date" page (, because if this post isn't "lost live Dead," what is?

  4. Corry, why do you suspect these shows to involve Marsh and Graves?

    Also, if you want to cull more dates and add them to your index, that'd be great! All of mine are at, I think.

  5. There was a recent interview with George Marsh, where he mentioned that he and bassist Mel Graves had played a date at the Matrix with Merl and Jerry:

    I couldn't figure out when it could have been. Now it makes sense. One of these nights that you found had a conflict with Kahn and Vitt (for Brewer and Shipley, or something), so Graves and Marsh filled in. Since we have established that there was no rehearsals, ever, that wouldn't have been a problem.

  6. That is an absolutely glorious recollection from George Marsh. Goodness, I wish I had time to contact him, but hopefully someday ...


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