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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Workingman's Tracker's JGMS and LOM Project

Update: thanks to the good folks at WT, the forum posts are now public. Thank you!

There is a Garcia/Saunders and Legion of Mary Project going on at Workingman's Tracker, organized by user SteveSw. He's posting great reviews of about one recording per day, using only the best sources from '71-'75. The project is scheduled to run until November 5th!

I don't think non-members of Workingman's Tracker can read the information. I wish there were a way they could make that conversation public (as the WELL with Deadsongs.Vue: Literature of the Grateful Dead, which basically includes all of David Dodd's amazing Annotated Lyrics!). I have this fear that really interesting information/analysis/insight will emerge there, but the fact that it's firewalled as a private discussion might keep that stuff out of reach. We have seen in the history of the whole GD List-Making Tradition, about which I'll eventually do a post or two, that things that were known can become unknown. Hate to see that happen any more than it should.

Anyway, there's good music spinning and SteveSw is writing beautiful reviews. They are up through Garcia and Saunders "5/23/73, Ash Grove" (a misdate, I argue), and there could be lots of good discussion and deep engagement with these shows. Great concept for a project. Thank you, SteveSw!


  1. Thanks for the note. I think it's pretty easy to join Workingman's Tracker.
    I've noticed myself that it's easy for known things to become unknown. Many things are barely known in the first place! Part of why I started my blog was the frustration at seeing knowledgeable people come & go on various GD forums, and their knowledge vanishing with them - so that the most basic things have to be rediscovered over & over again through the years.
    Well, that's the nature of things - the internet's littered with the ancient discussions of bygone listeners, like fossils, and all kinds of info is buried or forgotten - so a permanently accessible GD guide seemed appealing to me...

  2. Thanks for the kind words.

    We will see if we can make that particular forum readable by the public, it's a good idea.


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