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Friday, April 01, 2011

JGB: January 26, 1976, Keystone, Berkeley, CA (uncertain to me)

TJS lists a JGB show from Monday, 1/26/76, Keystone, Berkeley. There's a really nice unattributed photo captioned with this date there, as well.

But Corry's old lists had the first show of the Keith & Donna era as 1/27/76, so I am wondering what is the basis for the 1/26 listing. Gordon Sharpless, if you read this, can you shed any light? You are listed as a contributor at TJS.

For that matter, Corry, can you shed any light on the 11/4/78 listing as the last one of the K&D era?


  1. well, I have an old list with January 26, 1976, which is most likely the source of the Deadbase list, and in turn the source for TJS. I'm pretty sure I got the date from a McNally list.

    That being said, I think the first JGB shows with Keith and Donna were a twofer, not a three night stand. It very well might be spurious, but I think its my fault.

  2. My own notes have 11/4/78 Keystone with a question mark, which means I had some uncertainty. The lineage would have been Me>Deadbase IX>TheJerrySite. I have no idea where I got the date, but clearly it was uncertain to me in the first place, and may be completely spurious.

  3. I was at the 11/3/78 show, I thought this was the last one, as they played an unusual So What to open the second set. From recollection, I don't think 11/4/78 happened.

  4. That's good perspective JGBP, thanks. I guess if I had to commit to whether there was an 11/4/78 show, I'd say no. Your perspective is appreciated!

  5. See Arnold 2011.

    Arnold, Corry. 2011. "So What" The Jerry Garcia Band: Keystone Palo Alto, Palo Alto, CA November 3, 1978. Hooterollin’ Around, May 13, 2011, URL, consulted 12/28/2013.


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