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Monday, January 17, 2011

GD: June 13, 1970, "Atlanta Braves Stadium," Atlanta, GA (CANCELED)

Haven't posted about a canceled gig in awhile. Anyway, found mention of a festival to include the GD, Ike & Tina Turner, Traffic, Stevie Wonder, the Allman Brothers and others, scheduled for June 13, 1970 per the post title. Course the GD played in Hawaii that day. Sounds like a big old event to have been still mentioned only two weeks ahead of time and then canceled. Ouches all around, I guess.

Anyway, I also wanted to try out the embedding function from Google Books, so here goes:

That's Billboard, May 30, 1970, p. 2, bottom of 2nd column then up to third. Accessed via Google Books.

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  1. The embed feature works great. Did you notice that there is a feature article on the same concert a few pages up (search "Atlanta Braves")? It doesn't mention the Dead, not that it means anything.

    It's an interesting issue. There's also Fred Kirby's review of the Dead and the Riders at Fillmore East (5-15-70 early), probably the first National mention of the New Riders.


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