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Friday, June 11, 2010

JGB: December 31, 1975, Keystone, Berkeley: who was drumming?

update: see also my "Jerry's New Year's Eve" post.
I am not the big fan of the 12/31/75 JGB show that most people seem to be. I think they are seduced by the date, the long-circulating and high quality recording, and the guests and unusual setlist. I find the show sloppy, with Nicky's drunkenness especially painful.

But that's not what this is about. I want to know who was drumming? Apparently Tutt had en Elvis obligation, but I have seen conflicting information on who it actually was.

  • Corry's post on JGB 12/31/75 says that it was Greg Errico.
  • I read something a few weeks ago (can't remember what, now) that it was Bill Vitt, but he told me in email that it was not him.
  • The "Grateful Dead Book of Lists" feature in Golden Road no. 13 (Winter 1987), p. 33, compiled by some guy named Corry (must be a different guy! :)) indicates that it was Mickey Hart.
  • The Jerry Site diversifies its risk: "Entire show with Mickey Hart. Greg Errico replaces Ron Tutt on drums, who was absent due to his touring as the drummer for Elvis Presley."

Anyone who was there able to weigh-in, or is there evidence that I am missing? In short, who was drumming that night?


  1. I think its wrong to call it conflicting information. All the information came from me, I don't really know and I kept changing my mind.

    Anyway, at least there's two of us worrying about it now. It used to be only me.


  2. Insofar as somewhere I saw mention of Vitt it is at least partially conflicting, but I agree.

    at least there's two of us worrying about it now. It used to be only me.

    I am there for you, Corry!

  3. Let me expand the discussion a bit to all of the guests this night, not just the drummers.

    The Jerry Site says this: "Bob Weir and Matt Kelly sit in for Set 2 and Set 3."

    notes on the Menke-Falanga audience recording say "Entire show with Mickey Hart and Matt Kelly. Bob Weir plays during set III."

    Now I just stumbled across a note in an old Relix (Les Kippel, "Bits," v3 n2, p. 19) indicating that Bob Weir "and Chris Herold from Kingfish" were there. Boy oh boy, who knew that the Keystone stage was big enough to hold so many drummers?


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