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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

GD: September 11-12, 1970: Pepperland, San Rafael (POSSIBLE) (NOW DISCONFIRMED)


I don't have tremendous confidence that this ever happened, but since Corry has educated me a little about booking practices and such, the fact that it's a Friday-Saturday that is otherwise unfilled in GD/Garcia chronologies makes me more open to it.

In a July 1970 Billboard article on Pepperland ("scheduled to open on Labor Day Weekend") , venue operators Nat Shind and Ben Blatt report that they have booked the Grateful Dead for the September 11-12 and 18-19 weekends. They also note that the band planned to record for a new live album, which is presumably what became "Skullfuck" and featured spring 1971 recordings.

We know the dates are at least half wrong, with the GD at the Fillmore East on September 18-19. But my spreadsheet shows September 11-12, 1970 to be an open weekend for Garcia, so it certainly seems possible. I'll file it as such.


  1. This is like offering a dog a bone.

    I'm on it.

  2. Pepperland was just 1.2 miles from 5th and Lincoln,so it seems tempting, but my notes say "Sep 9-10-11 1970 Opening of Pepperland: Steve Miller Band/Yogi Phlegm/Nazgul/Clover"

  3. My records show the opening was delayed for a week and the opening show (19070918/19) featured Steve Miller, Charles Lloyd, Captain Beefheart and Hot Tuna. I'll dig as well.

  4. I have found two reviews for the opening show which is where I guess I got my listing from. They are in the mail to both. Ross


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