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Tuesday, January 09, 2018

GD-GOTS Shared Venues

For a long time, for no particular reason, I have been wanting to dive into the venues that Jerry played with the Dead and on his own. In general, we'd expect the Dead to play a room first and whatever side project to play it second, the Garcia Band (for example) eventually growing big enough to play some of the spaces that the Dead had played earlier (and many of which it had outgrown).

Below is a very sketchy analysis, counting 80 shared venues, of which 63 were first played by the Dead. It would have been interesting to do a bit more, e.g., to show which rooms had some alternation (e.g., GD both preceding and following at least one GOTS event), which ones the GD eventually really did outgrow, etc. etc. But I don't have time for that. Have at it. (Here's a link to a Google Sheet if you are so inclined.)

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