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Sunday, September 04, 2016

Garcia's Early '82 Tax Tour (Counterfactual)

More counterfactual history from a document in the GD Archives (ms332, ser2, box5), though I have seen it through another means as well.

This is a central piece of evidence, along with the Return of Ronnie Tutt tour in late '81 and a few other things, showing that this period marks a real effort to take care of old business. This especially involved disentangling Jerry/JGB and Grateful Dead finances. Though Marin County documents didn't yield any tax liens and such in this period that I could find (unlike 1978), Jerry was definitely having tax and more general money issues around this time, and this tour-that-wasn't, forecast from ca. February 1982, figured centrally in the various planning. (The fact that it didn't happen this way only speaks to the difficulties of taking care of business!)


  1. There was an FM broadcast of Mar 7 '82, the only FM broadcast of the Melvin Seals era (right?). The broadcast has always been a sort of oddity to me, but it starts to make more sense to me now. They were planning to publicize a forthcoming tour that didn't actually happen.

    I could explain, but it would take me 5000+ words, so it will have to wait.

  2. I cannot think of another FM broadcast in the Seals era, no. An interesting connection!

  3. I just watched a little snippet of a ca. early '82 TV interview in which Garcia plays some of Run For the Roses on his acoustic guitar to a very knowing interviewer, a promotional thing for the record.

    This led to the thought that the Fat Fry broadcast was more about the record than the tour, though, natch, in full capitalism they would have been two sides of the same coin.


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