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Monday, July 18, 2016

GarciaLive 7: JGB from Sophie's, 11/8/76

Fresh tape.

Tracklist, via Nick:
Sneak preview of one track via David Browne:

At a commenter says
In today's Relix magazine they interview Donna Jean who found some more tapes in a box in one of the Godchaux houses. It's a Betty board. This is November 8th 1976 at Sophie's in Palo Alto. Band was Jerry, Keith & Donna, John Kahn and Ron Tutt. Comes out August 19th. Not seeing it on or amazon as advertised. Songs include 'Ride Mighty High' and 'Mission In The Rain'

Very cool - looking forward to it.


  1. Here's something interesting: the tracklist for this new release is identical to the setlist for the circulating aud of 11/16/76 (also Sophie's, Palo Alto).

    GarciaLive vol 7 tracklist:


  2. We'll have to A-B them when 11/8 is released!

  3. Sneak preview of one track:

    1. Thanks! That is great. Gotta love these people playing great music.

  4. "For him at that moment, the Garcia Band was its own form of liberation and emancipation."


    They lose themselves a little there late in MH, but who doesn't?

  5. Just did a little a/b. It's the same show as "11/16/76"

  6. Hm, that is odd. Cryptdev to the white courtesy telephone, please!

  7. I believe my date is correct, and there certainly were not two shows eight days apart at Sophie's. At any rate, one of the tape labels was wrong, and I will not swear that it is not mine. Anyone have easy access to BAM or the Datebook from 11/76?

    1. It's all really confusing.

      BAM no 8 (11/76), p. 40 shows Jerry Garcia at Sophie's on 11/8 and 11/15. I have also seen a contract for 11/8, as well as an ex post box office report (390 tickets sold, $1,562 gross). So 11/8 definitely happened. There is no evidence other than your tape of an 11/16 show.


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