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Friday, June 17, 2016

Reaching for the Gold Ring

Uncle Bobo comes on about three minutes in, introduces the band, and they drop into a sublime "Crazy Fingers", one of my favorite songs.


  1. Diddo. Really like the Crazy Stella.

  2. That whole show is really fantastic 6-26-76. The Crazy Stella is heavenly and really epitome of Garcia's deep spiritual knowing. Really perfectly gentle and loving. If he didn't know before then, he mustave known then, just how immensely powerful and important he was to legions of angels. That's a very sacred space to be in. My opinion of course. It's Holy.

  3. Fun fact: a blue star is the hottest star around. Very very. Heck of a trip Mr Hunter took to retrieve it. Good of him to do.

  4. Just read a blog of the origins of that song. Um. No. Try again. And good luck. They are also very far out stars.

  5. But am sure most everyone visiting this blog knows the real story. Anyway, just back to apologize for going on and on. I like your blog ; ) I just remembered this was a post about crazy fingers- oh. Enough typed. Peace.


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