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Saturday, December 19, 2015

GD Stinson Beach Rehearsal Space 1973

Somewhere LIA was leaving notes and discussion of the Dead's "Stinson Beach rehearsal space" ca. 1973. Can someone point me to that thread?


  1. I don't remember ever discussing this!
    Couldn't find anything outside of LLD:
    As far as I know, we still know next to nothing about this...or, for that matter, any of the Dead's early-'70s post-Novato rehearsal spaces.

    There was a little discussion of the mysterious "Deadpatch" lately:

  2. Might as well leave this here, then.

    "Board Asks Long-Range School View," Independent Journal (San Rafael, CA), December 14, 1973, p. 14. Superintendent says GD backed out of agreement to rent Stinson rec because of media coverage.

  3. Whoa! What media coverage? What agreement?
    Looks like there's more to uncover here...

  4. It's possible Browne mentions it. I am almost done with my close read and will post bits and pieces I gleaned, at some point.


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