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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Simon and Garfunkel meet Anthem of the Sun

"Grateful Dead Records," Rolling Stone, November 23, 1967, p. 4.

The Grateful Dead hopes to have some new records out soon, particularly a single in late November and an LP in January. If the group obtains the approval of Warner Brothers, the January release will be a two-record set chock full o' goodies. Some of the titles already recorded for the LP include "Alligator," ''No [sic] Potato Caboose," and "Dark Star." The single is an as yet unnamed original tune. Live tracks may also be included. Warner Brothers is setting up an eight-track remote tape unit at concerts the Dead are doing November 10 and 11 at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. The Dead hopes to include a marching band on their LP and make use of the arranging talents of Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel, who have indicated a desire to help the Dead while in Los Angeles during November.


  1. Joe Smith, president of Warner Bros. at the time, was noted as calling Anthem of the Sun as "the most unreasonable project with which we have ever involved ourselves."[2]

  2. Somehow I sense Rock Scully's tongue in cheek in this report!

    More prosaically, here's Garcia speaking in September '67 (being interviewed by Frank Kofsky), before the album sessions started:

    "We're going down [to LA] pretty soon to go into the studio again... We're thinking of doing parts of the next album live. We're also gonna try doing stuff with combining live and studio. And this time we're gonna go in and fuck around, you know? Last time we went in four days straight and just played our shit; and that was it. And - I didn't like it. None of us liked it. This time we'll spend some time at it. We've got some nice heavy material and good ideas."


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