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Saturday, February 07, 2015

GSCBF18: whole weekend schedule

Here is what I believe to have been the running order of the whole weekend. This is pieced together from schedules, tape lists, and all manner of published info (see REFERENCES). I am about 90% confident in the sequencing. The times are mostly made up, though we sometimes to have stuff to go on (one of the reviews mentions the Dirt Band coming on at 10 pm on Sunday, for example).

Date Time DayAct ActName
4/26/1974 19:00 1 Greenbriar Boys w/ Vassar Clements
4/26/1974 19:45 2 Mac Wiseman, Norman Blake and Tut Taylor
4/26/1974 20:30 5 Maria Muldaur
4/26/1974 21:00 3 Jim & Jesse McReynolds
4/26/1974 21:30 4 Ralph Stanley
4/26/1974 22:00 6 Doc & Merle Watson
4/26/1974 22:30 7 Great American String Band
4/27/1974 12:00 1 High Country
4/27/1974 12:30 2 Cornbread
4/27/1974 13:00 3 Homestead Act
4/27/1974 13:30 4 Emmylou Harris
4/27/1974 14:00 5 Norman Blake & Tut Taylor
4/27/1974 15:00 6 Mac Wiseman
4/27/1974 16:00 7 Ralph Stanley
4/27/1974 17:00 8 Skunk Cabbage
4/27/1974 18:00 9 Buck White and the Down Home Folks
4/27/1974 19:00 10 Rick Shubb & The Hired Hands
4/27/1974 20:00 11 Jim & Jesse McReynolds
4/27/1974 21:00 12 Doc & Merle Watson
4/27/1974 22:00 13 Greenbriar Boys
4/27/1974 23:00 14 Wild Eyed Hippy Stompers
4/27/1974 23:30 15 Great American String Band
4/28/1974 12:00 1 Bear Creek Boys
4/28/1974 12:30 2 Rick Shubb & the Hired Hands
4/28/1974 13:00 3 Buck White and the Down Home Folks
4/28/1974 13:30 4 Jim & Jesse McReynolds
4/28/1974 14:00 5 Norman Blake & Tut Taylor
4/28/1974 14:30 6 Mac Wiseman
4/28/1974 15:00 7 Greenbriar Boys
4/28/1974 15:45 8 Jimmy Martin
4/28/1974 16:15 9 Doc & Merle Watson
4/28/1974 17:30 xx dinner break
4/28/1974 19:00 10 Skunk Cabbage
4/28/1974 19:30 11 Ramblin' Jack Elliott
4/28/1974 20:15 12 John Hartford
4/28/1974 20:45 13 Ralph Stanley
4/28/1974 21:15 14 Donna Washburn, Doug Dillard and the Intruders
4/28/1974 22:00 15 Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
4/28/1974 23:15 16 Old and In the Way

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  1. there is a set of 10 color pics from this weekend where the GASB plays under daylight - w/Jerry w/out Vassar

  2. That would have been the Saturday. I noted Jerry was not present, though I did not pick up through my tin ears that Vassar was playing.

    I would love to see those! In fact, I haven't seen any color pictures from the festival.

  3. here are the pics in my dropbox

    this link will be good for a couple of days only

    no idea who took the color no credits

    please note all pics are in daylight which makes your 22.00 schedule looking strange

  4. WOW!!!!! Those pictures are nothing short of stunning. May I please post these separately, since you have so generously shared them?

    I sure would love to find out who the photographer is.

    I can't explain why they look like daylight. I have the schedules, and I have the newspaper reviews, all of which give some detail about time of day (like, Jim and Jesse got the twilight set on Friday, that sort of thing). So the times I list are at least roughly accurate.

    There were Saturday morning workshops with Dawg and Greene and Garcia and some others ... I wonder if these could be from them?

  5. "May I please post these separately, since you have so generously shared them?"


    well they are not what you want ..but be careful not to break some copyright....

  6. my research buddy ruppi43 found the original source for the pics:

  7. the set of color pics I mentioned and my buddy hanwaker put in the dropbox seems to be from 74-04-20 Pilgrimage Theater, LA --- als viani describes on his page
    today this is renamed John Anson Ford Amphitheatre, and if you google this, it shows very likely the same background as on vianis pics

  8. The membership of some of the more obscure bands can be discerned here:

    It's interesting to see High Country (with Butch Waller) and Rick Shubb (with The Hired Hands), as they were two of Garcia's oldest bluegrass pals. I'd also like to know who was in the Wide Eyed Hippy Stompers...

  9. I went to the Golden State Bluegrass concert on Saturday with Bill McEuen, manager of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and Steve Martin. I could not believe how few people were there and how disorganized things appeared to be. I'd made a concert film called Banjoman, which was how I knew McEuen. It was filmed with five cameras and recorded on 16 track audio by Wally Heider, the pioneer of remote recordings. So I was on the lookout for a film crew and remote audio recording equipment. I don't recall seeing either. I met Judy Lammar late in the day and she was stunned by how this lineup of great artists could attract so few people. When she told us she'd mortgaged her house to put on the concert I felt physically sick to my stomach. I don't know what the quality of the audio recordings are, but I don't believe a releasable film of the event exists.


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