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Friday, January 23, 2015

Latest Legion Listing

Funny the things that pop up. Here's a listing from the Marin Independent-Journal of July 25, 1975 for Legion of Mary at the Great American Music Hall on Wednesday, July 30, 1975.
Of course, the last known Legion gig having been on July 6th, this listing caught my eye. What does it mean? I don't know. Maybe this had been booked long in advance (the GAMH seemed to roll that way, very professional), but it's really quite a surprising listing.

Notice that this listing comes in the I-J's regular Friday "Rock Billboard" column, titled this week "Lion's Share Out With Flair", which notes the imminent closing of that great Marin room, with the last few days including a 7/25/75 gig by Merl Saunders and Friends. Nice to see Merl getting right back in the saddle after parting company (the first time) with Jerry, but that late Legion listing is a head-scratcher.

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  1. This from "cabdriver' in the Jerry folder at Deadnetcentral:
    "This Lion's Share gig (their closing week) was the first week of July, 1975.(week not correct) The Garcia-Saunders Band played two nights; the last night featured Elvin Bishop and John Lee Hooker. Along with Hooker doing his patented take-no-prisoners thing, Bishop and a couple other guitar players pulled of a sublime version of "East-West" in the closing set."
    I'm still trying to find the exact closing date for the Lion's Share, it was some time in 1975. I saw/heard Garcia & Saunders play on two consecutive nights there, during closing week. There were not very many people there, that's the funny part. And I can't find any reference to them doing those gigs anywhere. But it did really happen!"[23]


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