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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Palate Cleansers, etc.

Been soaking in some bluegrass, as research around Jerry but mostly just to listen to it. Cheesy collections that nonetheless bring together some amazing material:

Classic Bluegrass Collection (TimeLife, 2006)
Stanley Brothers Definitive Collection 1947-1966 (TimeLife, 2007)

I'd like to hear more Louvin Brothers, more of everything, of course.

I have also been spending time with Herbie Hancock (Empryean Isles, Maiden Voyage, Mwandishi - The Complete Warner Brothers Recordings, Headhunters, Thrust) and a weird grab bag of everything else under the sun.

This has been in lieu of Garcia listening, which is a fine thing, nice to just follow my ear, especially when it usually brings me back to the subject at hand with fresh ears.

Click the bluegrass tag to see my sadly illiterate but hopefully earnest engagements with this obviously crucial patch in the quilt.

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