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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Fieldwork Pictures

A small sampling. I have many more. I was looking for a pic of the Marin County Clerk and Recorder's office, but couldn't find it. I think I took pix of the Inn of the Beginning and the Cabaret in Cotati. Definitely have one of Macky around here somewhere. I have posted a few snaps from Olompali.

Anyway, here are a few more. Ahhh, beautiful Bay Area ...

Marin Civic

2400 Fulton Street
SF Civic

Marin Civic

River Theater, Guerneville

Bear's Lair, UC Berkeley


  1. Bear's Lair 1962-2012
    In 1964, The Pine Valley Boys (Butch Waller, David Nelson, Herb Petersen, Ed Neff, Steve Pottier) played outside at the Bear's Lair.
    April 10, 1964, October 14, 1966 and March 7, 1969-Vince Guaraldi performed here.
    April 15, 1966-"Trip Dance" featuring The Answer and The Exiles.(3)
    February 21, 1969 Hot Tuna performed here.

    Jerry performed here on
    7/23/69 "New Riders Of The Purple Sage", band name used is not certain.(7)
    8/1/69 early and late shows John "Marmaduke" Dawson And Friends(4)
    Mickey Hart on drums.
    "They appear not yet to be called the New Riders of the Purple Sage."(6)

    3.)^Berkeley In The Sixties, 2010-02-25, Berkeley and East Bay Rock Concerts,
    6.)^Jerry garcia's Middle Finger, NRPS: Bear's Lair, UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA, August 1, 1969, 2010-01-30,

  2. Thanks! Love your cites. Here's working link to my Bear's Lair post:


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