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Thursday, November 21, 2013

JGB April 2, 1976 Capitol Theater, Passaic, NJ

Watch live streaming video from davidaron at

Wow. Earliest known JGB video. Wonderful.

Hopefully there's more video from the Cap yet to emerge!

Thanks to whomever unearthed and shared this. Great, great stuff.


  1. some shows at the capitol before this one:

    old & in the way 6/6/73
    garcia& saunders 11/9/74
    legion of mary 4/5/75
    jgb w/ nicky hopkins 11/1/75

    of course, footage of any of these shows would be a real treasure.
    i've gone through the videos at and it seems that film was being shot regularly starting in at least 1975. let's see what else comes up.


  2. Thank you for the heads up on this! This is amazing. The fanning in Knockin', Jerry gettin' down in Tore Up, the mindmeld stare with Kahn during Don't Let Go... so much to enjoy here.


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