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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

JGMS: January 11-12, 1974, Winterland, SF

Jerry Garcia and Merl Saunders, Waylon Jennings, and Alice Stuart and Snake were billed at Bill Graham's Winterland on the weekend of January 11-12, 1974. Here are The Jerry Site links:

Friday, January 11, 1974
Saturday, January 12, 1974

These bookings have been on The List probably since they happened, or whenever Dennis McNally started compiling it.

Here's what puzzles me: why are there no attendee recollections anywhere, or am I just missing them? How come no poster? Why no board tape at Wolfgang's Vault? Any and all thoughts, recollections, information would be most welcomed!


  1. I think the shows were cancelled. There's a list of BGP shows that's been going around for years, although I don't know who compiled it. Those shows have (CC) next to them, which seems to mean cancelled. Looking through the list, I see many shows with that designation that were definitely cancelled. Here's the list online:

  2. I have the list Chico refers to, and it is pretty accurate, so I think the show was cancelled.

    I think the event was planned to support the Garcia/Saunders Live At Keystone album, which was released by Fantasy around this time. Alice Stuart and Snake were on Fantasy as well, which hints that they had a role. However, I just don't see Garcia being able to fill Winterland, much less two nights, during this period. Hippies hadn't heard of Waylon Jennings yet (I hadn't, anyway, and I was definitely a hippie, if a little one).


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