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Friday, August 03, 2012

New Releases

Not surprisingly, we saw a flurry of Garcia-related releases on August 1, 2012, which would have been Jerry's 70th birthday.

Garcia Grisman - Orignal Hi-Def Master 
Garcia Grisman Alternate - Orignal Hi-Def Master

Acoustic Oasis has released a "high def master" cut of the original Garcia Grisman album, and a new Garcia Grisman Alternate, comprised of second takes from the same sessions.

This is great news. Acoustic Oasis is doing it right here. There are mp3, flac1644, and flac2496 download options. I couldn't get the dowload manager to work (they may be asking too much of some poor old machines and operating systems), but doing it manually was quick and relatively painless. Things sound great.

My only nudge: do it like jazz and give us the session details. Who, what, when, where, how recorded, etc. etc. etc. The whole enchilada. Why not make more information available? It's getting time for some serious scholarship on Grisman and lots of other, so, please, make future researchers' and biographers' lives easier, and give us data! Be the jazz.

Oh yeah, one more point: all filesets require checksum files that can be verified upon completion of the download in order to confirm file intregrity. Essential.

Garcia Live Volume 1: Live at the Capitol Theatre

Another fuck yeah! The Jerry Garcia Band (Garcia, Kahn, Ozzie Ahlers on keys, and John D'Fonseca on drums) in some filthy fonky stuff at John Scher's (and east coast JGB's) home hall on March 1, 1980. Looks like it won't be out until November. Looks like whatever this new ©2012 Jerry Garcia Family, LLC is, they have also done it right. We have mp3, flac1644 and flac2496 download options. Nice!

These, in addition to the Fantasy release of the Complete July 10-11, 1973 Keystone shows!

Whatever legal logjams were in the way seem to have been busted through. Happy listening!

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