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Saturday, June 30, 2012

JGMS January 21-22, 1975, Keystone, Berkeley

I hadn't seen this one before. It includes information on two previously unlisted Jerry Garcia-Merl Saunders gigs, on Tuesday-Wednesday, January 21-22, 1975, at Keystone, 2119 University Avenue in Berkeley.

Also includes a couple of Howard Wales gigs, information on opening acts for Kingfish on 1/24-25, and a little notice in the middle: Coming Soon to Keystone Berkeley, March 1 & 2: Legion of Mary: Jerry Garcia-Merl Saunders-John Kahn-Ron Tutt-Martin Fierro. I have elsewhere asserted that this is the first documented instance of the use of the Legion of Mary moniker, though an eyewitness to the Eugene show on 12/15/74 remembers them being billed as LOM.

Anyway, more for The List.

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  1. As a footnote that is no doubt of critical interest to all readers, the two bands who played my 1975 Palo Alto High School graduation were Crackin' (Jan 27) and California (Feb 6). Neither were memorable. On the bright side, at least we didn't have Eddie Money.


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