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Monday, January 16, 2012

Blogger Q: individual comment links

Am I the only one who no longer sees links to individual comments? I don't see them here or on any blogs, anymore. So have they killed this useful (no, crucial) piece of functionality, or am I missing something?


  1. I use Firefox and can't see them. I tried logging out of everything. Still no link to individual comments. I see a link to the commenter's name (goes to the blogger profile), a link to Reply to existing comments, one to delete my own comments (when logged in), but not the link that used to exist on the date and time that allowed me to link back to specific comments. It's a problem, since nuggets of usable information are scattered everywhere.

  2. Also, my name displays with the code for the apostrophe (ampersand-pound sign-39-semicolon) instead of the apostrophe for the possessive in Garcia's since whatever tinkering they've been doing with Blogger went into effect. No biggie, but annoying.

  3. Now that you mention it, I am seeing the same thing, on my blog as well. I run Firefox on a Mac. Yet another Blogger tweak.

  4. A tweak very much for the worse. This is important enough to me that I am going to poke around to see where I can engage a broader conversation about this.

    The problem for those of us into Knowledge, even Truth, is that being able to link directly to a comment is invaluable. The nature of the medium is to decentralization, so on any given topic --e.g., one I have been trying to get done on the Family Dog ca. September 1969-- the relevant information is spread in posts and comments across a large number of posts comprising an obscene number of comments.

    Information is flying around, and it doesn't (yet) aggregate itself, at least not through anything Blogger provides. The linking to comments (and the whole comments thing generally) has always been clunky, but at least there was a way to go directly to a statement, a datum, an insight, a source. Now we can only link a post (which may or may not have a title remotely related to the sought-after information in the comment). Worse, sometimes there are dozens of comments.

    Please, Blogger, bring back the links to the comments!

    (That said, I think there may be ways of hacking out the underlying URL of the comments through, for example, data provided in the Reply and Delete functions still/now provided.)

  5. Since you're complaining about comments on blogspot, when you click on the "comments" link at the end of a post you get taken to the end of the comments. It started doing that a few months ago, and it's a real hassle if there are a lot of comments. (I'm using Firefox with Windows 98)

  6. Looks like comment URLs are back. Phew! Thanks, Blogger, for getting this one right.


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