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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Robert Hunter and Betty Cantor-Jackson photo by dgans

"Title: Bob and Betty.
dgans's description: Robert Hunter and a bewigged Betty Cantor-Jackson in the parking lot of Club Front in San Rafael CA, November 1977. I think it was Sonny Heard's bike."

There's a little more of the story of the wig if you click through.

What a fantastic photograph. It's got the time-place-people that it should have, then just so much more than that, so evocative. Hard to get feeling on film, but this one's got it. Thanks for sharing, David.

Obliquely related request (can't say "bleg", just not gonna do't): does anyone remember the trove of scans of Betty's business papers that was on one of the photo sharing sites? There was a smattering of stuff like tour itineraries and all that from '76-'77, etc. If so and if you can put a link in comments, I'd be grateful. Looking for them was how I stumbled into the Bob & Betty picture.

edit: is where they are. Thank you, commenter bRad!

edit2: that link no longer works, but I got most of what I wanted for the JGMF files.


  1. Here you are JGMF...

  2. Actually, looks like that page is dead now.


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